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Well Being is about balancing and healing your physical, emotional and mental health. The state of our mind and being determine the circumstances of our life. The Ochre Tree works with the unique nexus between the mind, body and spirit to create the shifts and changes you are seeking.

Whether you are looking for healing for a physical problem, mental issues or even looking for a solution for your financial or relationship issues, we at The Ochre Tree can contribute. We also offer various workshops and events, to assist you in empowering yourself. 

Our Goal is to support our clients in their journey towards happiness, health and living a fuller life. 

A Wide Range or Therapies and Modalities


Reprogram subconscious beliefs that create obstacles in our lives.

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Intuitive Healing

Gain more joy, clarity and energy.

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Bach Flower

Heal negative emotions to help the body heal itself.

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Pranic Healing

Healing for Physical illnesses, Aura and Chakra Cleansing

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Access Bars

If you could have ease and joy in life, would you?

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Sound Healing

Deep relaxation - universal benefits of sound therapy.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops


Our Services

You are not alone! Reach out to us, and we can help you work out what services would contribute the most to you.

Mind Mastery & Life Skills
Your subconscious holds the key to your life. Ready to create more?
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Love & Relationship
Relationships are energy. What is the energy you are experiencing?
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Energy Healing
Everything is energy. What is getting created with yours?
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Health & Body
Health and healing can be greatly expedited with energy support.
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Definition of Healing:

A treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s own immune system. Healing is natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels’ 

Working with Consciousness

Consciousness is a body of work designed to empower you to help yourself. It enables you to view life from various perspectives.

Access Consciousness offers dynamic tools and techniques that can release you from your fixed judgments about yourself and others.

It gives you the freedom to be who and what you are and to trust your own knowing.

Children & Teen

Similarly to adults, children can experience a complex array of emotions when they experience a painful, distressing, or traumatic experience. However, children often lack the emotional and cognitive awareness and abilities to make sense of, articulate, and cope with these life events. If children are left alone to process their painful experiences, there is the potential for a long-lasting negative impact on their social-emotional development, and how they view themselves, others, and the world.

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Meet Our Team

Co-Founder & Mumbai Centre head
Shivani Hariharan

co-founder & delhi centre head
Nidhi Jain

Manju Jain

Niti Sethi

Ritu Jain

Shweta Totuka

Shobha Gupta


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