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Access Consciousness

An amazing way to nourish your soul, your mind, and your thoughts.

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Access Facelift

Experience the refreshing concept of reverse-aging through this nurturing process.

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Bars Workshops

A soothing, refreshing, and replenishing workshop to remove all your anxiety issues.

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Money Workshop

Get the appropriate knowledge to become financially sound and independent.

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Access Consciousness

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Health and well-being is as
much a state of mind as it is of
body and circumstances

We believe that the internal state of a person affects their health and life situations. These internal factors benefit greatly from energy healings, aura, and chakra therapy or healing related to the subconscious mind and running the bars. Reach out to us to know more and schedule a personalized session.

Our Services

We believe people are unique. Different therapies are more suitable for certain issues as compared to others. Our mental well-being services will give you tips on how to improve psychological well-being as well as explain to you the importance of mental well-being. If you would like guidance on what would work for you, reach out to us and we can discuss the best option for you.


Our Workshops

Learn to heal and help others. You can learn to help your family and friends, or even to become a professional healer. We offer workshops for Access Bars, Pranic Healing, and other special topics including Learning to Meditate, Spiritual subjects, and much more….

Special Online Facilities

Given the changing nature of the world around us, we are offering most of our services online. Distance Healing sessions, Psych-K, and Intuitive healing sessions can be scheduled online through Zoom calls. We also have our very own mobile app (search for “The Ochre Tree” on your mobile store). You can book appointments, access recordings and meditations, and many more services through our app.

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The Ochre Tree is the registered brand name for Pranic Healers.com Pvt. Ltd. The Ochre Tree has a specialization in energy healing.


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