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About Us

The Ochre Tree is a wellness centre which works with energy principles and the workings of the sub-conscious mind, the aura, chakras and energy bodies, to create shifts in our clients life and move them out of a “stuck” place. We work with crystals, singing bowls, our hands, many many techniques and intuition. The state of our body, mind and spirit are created and maintained by the conditions of our energy, our beliefs, point of views and outlook to life. We help you shift to a different way of being, to create a new reality which could include health issues, emotional or even financial and relationship issues.

We offer personal counseling, energy healing sessions, and workshops on self-development, healing, and spirituality both at our centers and online, both to domestic and international clients.

The Ochre Tree specializes in energy healing. Amongst the modalities we practice include Access Bars, Sound Therapy, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Psych-K, Bach flower therapy and many more. We work on the premise that different tools are more effective on different people and conditions. If you, or a loved one are undergoing any issue in your life – it could be ranging from  health problems, emotional or mental issues or trauma, addictions, phobias, financial or relationship issues or even a situation or condition you cannot quite explain, do reach out to us to discuss how we could contribute to your world.

The organization also runs a charitable trust under Ochre Hearts, involved in supporting various causes ranging from women and child welfare to health and sanitation. 

Mumbai Office

The Ochre Tree 209 Balarama Building Bandra Kurla Complex Next to Family Courts Mumbai 400051


+91 9930032105

+91 022-26590082

Delhi Office

Delhi The Ochre Tree C 780, New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110025

+91 9810299762

+91 011-26926391

What our customers have to say about us.......

We, at The Ochre Tree are intensely passionate about what we do, and this shows up as the thousands of delighted customers we have. Take a look at what some of them have to say –

The Ochre Tree was awarded in the category of Inspirational Healing Centre for outstanding work in helping people heal through non-invasive therapies, in 2020, by Rachna Restores. We are truly grateful for this acknowledgement.

The names and faces behind the magic.....

Shivani Hariharan

Co-Founder and Mumbai Centre Head

Nidhi Jain

Co-Founder and Delhi Centre Head

Our Team.....

Sejal Nahar Healer in Mumbai
Shobha Gupta Delhi Healer
Shruti Sanghi Delhi Healer
Ritu Bansal Jain Delhi Healer
Niti Sethi Delhi Healer
Sushila Parcha Delhi Healer
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