Addiction Therapy

If you are addicted to any kind of substance, you already know that giving up your habit can be a huge challenge. Quitting on the spot may work for some, but it usually leaves most feeling defeated, frustrated, and keeping the addiction becomes easier than giving it up.

At Miracles, you will receive a personalized approach to resolving your relationship with your addiction. Techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) may be used to work through whatever is contributing to your addiction.

The healing process will gently guide you into a relaxed and conscious state of mind where your deep-seated subconscious beliefs and triggers can be accessed. Here your challenges can be discovered and resolved, and your negative beliefs transformed into positive ones.  

This form of therapy will help you understand the bigger picture and clear any negative belief systems impacting your quality of life. Once your addiction is released, the possibility of relapse is usually very low.

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Benefits of Relationship Counseling & Couple's Therapy

Communication Problems

Enables individuals to feel heard and understood

Financial Problems

Learn to navigate through financial stressed without it impacting the relationship


Move away from the blame game and become more solution oriented


Identify needs and what feels unfulfilled in the relationship


Learn to have mutual respect and understanding

Child Rearing

Resolve conflicts on parenting and find a healthy medium

Something is missing

Bring the spark back in the relationship

Loss & Bereavement And More

Managing loss and get support


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The following members of our team have been trained to guide you through your healing journey:

Shivani Hariharan, Nidhi Jain, Neha Agrawal, Niti Sethi, Ritu Jain, Shweta Totuka, Shobha Gupta, Sushila