The Times, they are changing Now

The Times, they are changing….

The strong and mighty are fearing
The poor are no longer the carrier of the disease
But the curse is on the rich and wealthy to bear
The things we were so proud of
Laid worthless to an invisible strand of life

The times, they are changing now

The people lie sealed in their homes
With a choice to complain or adapt
To reconsider their choices
And given a chance to change their path, if they so desire

Because, the times, they are changing now!

The mighty nations, brought to their knees
Still full of cynicism of the damned
That how can this happen to them
When the poor seem unharmed

Maybe the Earth, she does not care for wealth
What lies in her plans, we do not know
But those who do not align to her plan
Surely become a burden to carry

Because the times, they are changing now

Change is uneasy
Beyond our comfort zones
But change is inevitable
The only thing that is for certain!

And now, the times – they are changing….

3 thoughts on “The Times, they are changing Now”

  1. amita agarwal

    indeed the times are changing and change is the only constant ! Anything beyond our comfort makes us uneasy !

  2. Change is essential .
    Humans have for long been tampering with Mother Nature this corona seems a blessing in disguise, Mother Earth is healing so much fresh air, animals &birds are moving around freely without the fear of being caught and killed.

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