And the Nataraja dances….

Nataraja: Lord of The Dance. He dances his Tandava to create the rhythm of death and destruction. He dances to create through destruction. In order for something completely new to be born, the old must be destroyed.

He dances with one foot on the body of the demon dwarf. The demon of ignorance itself. In his manifold arms, he holds different symbols. Fire for purification, a mudra, the snake on the arm pointing to the holy texts (fear not, as wisdom is your strength), and finally the damaru (the small drum) that creates the living universe through the use of sound. All around him is a ring of fire – like a Corona. (A corona is defined as the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars.)

And the dance is so mesmerizing at the same time terrifying, that all of time stands still. No sound, no movement except that which He creates. Sometimes He dances on the whole manifested universe, and at others on the very smallest of life forms. But He dances where he chooses…for He knows best.

And when he is finally pacified, a new world is born. A better world. A world with less ignorance and more consciousness……

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  1. Enjoy your lectures cos you reveal the hidden secrets. Then you add certain practices to help overcome our obstacles. Thereafter, dealing with life challenges is no longer an issue.

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