did we drop the ball

Did we drop the ball?

What would bring the whole world together, united for a common cause? What would make all the busy and very busy people in the world, stop, stay home and just “breathe”? What would treat both kings and paupers alike? 

The answers to the above questions just a few months back would be so varied, so numerous and so different in their point of views, that we couldn’t compile them, even if we tried. But it seems, the Earth knew bigger, better and grander than anything you and I could think of in our individual capacities. Across the world, people are voluntarily choosing these lifestyle changes, even if it is with the underlying belief that its only for a few days. The world is changing and fast. When this is over, we will not be the same people we were just a short while back.

How does this connect to the new age movement, the spiritual and self-help schools that have started to flourish since the last few decades. The basic premise that almost all these schools and movements have been propagating is that we are all one, and we cannot do harm to another (including this planet), without it directly impacting us. In the scenario of the Covid19 crisis, world economies are racing to develop the vaccine and cure for the disease.

But one of the things we know is that what will truly protect you is your own immune system. The immune system inherits a fair degree of its programming from your genetic code, and the balance it acquires as you are exposed to different diseases, and the immune system learns to study these, integrates this new knowledge and uses it to upgrade its program. It adapts according to its ever changing environment, and in the process evolves. 

Today, humanity is facing a similar situation. On a macro scale the world is changing and if we don’t adapt and evolve, we won’t survive. And on a micro scale through our evolving immune system. Like the old idiom “As above, so Below”. But what if they are connected and somehow symbiotic? What if you only need to evolve one of these (macro or micro), and the other learns by the process of osmosis. What if this global “crisis” is the help we have been asking for? 

So how do the new age schools help us with this stuff? The virus is physically manifesting and proving to us, what these schools have been saying possibly for thousands of years. What if consciousness could be the virus, that spreads like the corona? Would the planet then need a COVID19 to restore balance? What if we choose consciousness, instead of having it thrust on us? So could this be the call to move to a more harmonized way of life? To begin to acknowledge and appreciate how much the invisible world impacts our material lives. To begin to explore and learn from this world, instead of throwing it out as “new-age” mumbo-jumbo? One of the simplest way you can put this into test right away, is to start the practice of meditation. One of the know effects of stress and fear, is that it impacts you immune system. Practice of meditation has an immediate affect on a person’s stress levels, and thereby prevents the weakening of the immune system. 

An amazing meditation is the “Meditation on Twin Hearts” by Master Choa Kok Sui. The meditation focuses on the heart and the crown and includes the blessing of the entire planet earth with love, harmony, kindness etc.

What if this is the time to choose? Could we choose more consciousness? Could we adapt voluntarily? Maybe this is the acid test! Will we pass? Not individually, not for ourselves and our immediate families, but united as humanity?

16 thoughts on “Did we drop the ball?”

  1. Lovely article, knocks mind to go within and think macro.
    We are all one! And we have asked for this change! Loved it :p

  2. What an interesting point of view!! very thought provoking … and very true that Meditation on twin hearts is amazing ..

  3. Shivani, beautifully written.. We needed a perspective like this.. Thanks.. Please keep writing more often

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