Do you Believe in Magic

Do you Believe in Magic?

Deep within us lies the true source of all creation. Call it God, Allah, the force or whatever you may like. But does this inherent capacity to “create” get watered down or corrupted on its way out into the world?

In the 19th century, A.J. Pleasanton (1876) wrote his book – “The Influence of the Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Color of the Sky.” His book is usually credited to the birth of chromotherapy. Pleasanton did various experiments with blue glass, and had some dramatic results with plants, animals and even healing people. Powered by the success of Pleasanton’s experiments, people got excited about blue glass and manufacturing of blue glass started to pick up.

However, as more and more people used this blue glass and tried to create healing related success, they noted only mediocre to no success at all. On scientific evaluation, blue glass was not found to be effective and Pleasanton’s success junked as outliers or simply “nonsense”. Simply put, it didn’t work! But than why did it work for Pleasanton? (Assuming he wasn’t into practical jokes, after all this guy was military, not your neighborhood quack).

Maybe he was using magic? But than why couldn’t the others?

Could magic just loose its potency when enough people plant doubt, analysis and “prove it to me” energies to it.

Does it just pick up its skirts and leave when people will not receive it. Someone could give you a million dollars, but if you have a million reasons why you should and should not have it, does that money just go back to the source? 

Do our minds actually destroy magic? Since our logical mind cannot process something magical, does it undo it? Can a world that cannot accept it, allow magic to exist? Do you allow magic in your world, or do you go down the lane of looking for every practical way to explain how something “so-called” magical could happen in your world? 

“Do you believe in fairies? Say quick that you believe. If you believe, clap your hands!”

James M Barrie, Peter Pan

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  1. Somewhere always thought magic was only in books and all but reading this you truly opened my mind how to truly believe in magic ❤️

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