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The Inevitable Cat

In 1935, Schroedinger, using the ideas of quantum physics first proposed by Albert Einstein, devised a thought experiment to fathom the implications of quantum reality. (Please note no “real” cats were harmed in this experiment)

It goes something like this –

You take a cat and put it in a sealed box along with radioactive substance, which is set to explode anytime between 1 to 10 minutes (nobody knows exactly when. Also, please remember this is just a “thought” experiment, so please don’t do this at home, to yours or your neighbors cat!)

Now at time=0, there is a 100% probability that the cat is alive. And at time=10, there is a 0% probability of the cat being alive. Probability can also be defined as the amount of energy in one outcome vs. another. And all probability’s add up to a 100% for the given set of options. (too much maths… hang in there- think of the cat, she is still in the box in your head. Don’t abandon her just yet!)

Suppose you open the box at Time=4. Mathematically speaking, there is a 60% probability that the cat should be alive and 40% dead. Now, imagine you open the box and find the cat dead (it’s a dog’s life after all!). So you experienced the energy of the 40% (dead cat) option.

The question to ask here is, where did the energy of the balance 60% option go?? According to physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. So what happened to the 60% probability that the cat had for being alive. (Yes, the cat and the nation wants to know!!).

So this theory develops on to say, that the moment you experienced the dead cat, the universe splits, and an alternate you in an alternate universe is experiencing this cat as being alive (the 60% probability – cat is not complaining about this one!). And this is pretty much the lay mans theory of the multiverses.

Every choice and every decision we make, splits the world and we experience a certain outcome not because it is inevitable or destined, but because it matches your beliefs. (Please note belief is not equal to wishful thinking. You can wish the cat alive all you like, but if you don’t believe it is/ it can/ it should/ it would etc. etc. – your belief wins! Yes, we know life is not fair. Deal with it!)

So it is not what happens that determine the trajectory of your life, but your beliefs determine what will happen in the first place. (We do hope you are scratching you head furiously at this time, else this will seriously impact our self esteem!)

And then what happens, reinforces your beliefs….and the cycle continues!


BELIEFS = THOUGHTS (true/false, right/wrongs + opinions + attitudes + any dogma’s/positions) + EMOTIONS

So are you the effect or the cause of your circumstances? Are they the cause for who you are or is it the other way?

Is anything that you are experiencing real, or life is just a set of choices in our mind, and the effect of those choices is what we experience as our life and circumstances?

Multiverses and Quantum realities – mind bending stuff. Quite literally! Now, who killed your cat?

4 thoughts on “The Inevitable Cat”

  1. Died laughing!!!!
    Such a brilliant way to explain a theory as deep as this.
    Kudos to Shivani!
    Keep ’em coming

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