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The things that change you

There was this one time that I was traveling to the US and had a stopover at Heathrow. On my way out from the flight Lounge, I picked up an apple, thinking I’d eat it on the flight. As luck would have it , the apple was forgotten in the bottom of my handbag, I landed in Dallas in the US, where I had a very short layover for an onwards connection.

I was traveling alone, and after clearing immigration in a rush, just on my way out, an officer with her sniffer dog (think it was a Beagle), asked me to stop because her dog was suspiciously sniffing my handbag. (Not allowed to carry fresh food items into the US)

I had forgotten all about the apple and told her there is nothing edible in my bag so she should let me go, as I would miss my connection. She said something which at that time irritated me, but am grateful for today.

She said, I know you are not dangerous or carrying anything of the sort, but since my dog pointed you out, I need to check your bag just to acknowledge him else it will affect his abilities. When she said this, I looked at her dog. He/She was looking at me with these big adorable eyes, wondering whether it had done well. Whether he could trust his senses, and if his owner would be happy with him. On the sight of the apple that did come out of the bottom of my bag, much to my chagrin, the dog started jumping with delight, and was rewarded with a treat by the officer.

That dog could be anything from our children, people we work with, our families and especially our own subconscious mind. Acknowledge the dog, because when you don’t, it makes him less confident and more likely to falter and make mistakes the next time.

If we get a sense of something, and don’t follow it up, our subconscious takes it as a signal that we don’t want to receive that information. So the next time it simply doesn’t transmit that information to us and over time that awareness becomes duller and duller. How much of our lives have we blocked out, because we were taught not to trust our own knowing and use “logic” and “reason”?

When was the last time you had a “sense” that a certain person was not being truthful, but you justified it as “a person of this level/designation/spiritual position (especially this one)” would not lie? Did you acknowledge your dog, or told him he was wrong? Did that affect your awareness over time?

Could it be that if we acknowledge our awareness, it become’s clearer and expands? Just like the dog, the subconscious mind knows things that the conscious cannot comprehend. So maybe it is time for us to acknowledge our dogs. Not to be proven right or wrong, but to acknowledge the subconscious so that it can get better and better at assisting us.

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