to we who fear

To we who fear…..

For fear is how we ensure we will survive

For fear has kept us alive

For fear has prevented us from making so many mistakes

which would have taken our life down a completely unacceptable path

For fear is natural

And fear is necessary

And it’s the idiots who throw caution to the wind

For fear is how we were controlled and how we control our offsprings

For fear defines the boundaries for people, lest they over step

For fear is a part of the civilized world, it keeps things in order.

But do we wonder…

what lurks beyond our fear?

what would life have been like if we did make that mistake that we were so scared to make?

What would I be today?

Where would I be today?

Who am I, anyway?

The fear or the one who experiences it.

The creator who creates with such intensity, that it forgets itself and believes it is the creation.

The mortal god. The immortal man!

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