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“Virgin Borns” by Hariharan Raman

Inspired by the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Reference material: Esoteric Astrology (Alice A Bailey), Wisdom of the Zodiac (Torkom Saraydarian), Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed (Master Choa Kok Sui)


What does it mean to be a virgin born? We hear about immaculate conception or sons and daughters born of virgin-mothers/fathers in mythology and end up confused about its apparent contradiction with biological human birth. Then again, the world spiritual heritage is rife with stories of virgin-borns like Sita, Athena, Melchizedek, Krishna, Jesus, Ganesha and many more.

“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel” ISAIAH 7:14

Let’s take another lens to examine if there is more to the surface than meets the eye here.

Etymologically, the word virgin originates from Virgo, the celestial constellation. Virgin literally means Pure. “Pur”e is connected and related with “Purpose”.

Put it in a different way, anything that is true to its Purpose is Pure, is Virgin.

To elaborate, if you have a pencil, its purpose is to serve as an instrument to write. So as long as the pencil is used to write, it is true to its purpose. If the same pencil is used primarily to scratch or poke, it is wasted and loses its purity. If a mobile phone which is to be used for communication is used largely as a paper weight, it is wasted. In such a case, it loses meaning, purity and virginity or is prostituted and degraded to a lower purpose.

Virgo is considered the divine mother of the solar system. A virgin demonstrates purity and purpose. The purity here is connected with the purity of the soul and not so much the body as it relates to a sexual context. It symbolizes mothers and fathers with a virgin mind that is creative, constructive and produces uplifting thoughts; a tongue that is kind, harmless and truthful; a heart that is caring, nurturing, loving and generous; a body which is healthy, nourished, in harmony and regulated by the soul.

In essence, a mature soul, not enslaved by thoughts, emotions or desires of the body. A body that is enslaved by the lower nature, a mind that is polluted with evil thoughts, violent emotions is prostituted to the lower nature.

Reflecting on the role of a mother gives greater clarity to the purpose and hence the concept of virginity. A mother endures pain and gives birth to life from within her womb. She nurtures, protects the life within for a period of nine months before the baby is ready to come out. That which endures, nourishes, shields, protects and brings out the life within to maturity – is connected with Virgo and Virginity.

A mother also nurtures the growing child and teaches it moral values. The conscious and sub conscious lessons learnt in the formative years go a long way in shaping our life. The nurturing, Virtue bringing aspect is also connected with Virgo and Virginity.

Like attracts Like and Unlike Poles Repel. Thus a mother (and also the father) with purity of soul and development of virtues would more likely be in a position attract an advanced soul. No wonder, advanced men and women of the race were considered virgin borns – connected to purity, purpose and virtues.

And how does purification help make matter or the bodies virgin? Purification purges matter or bodies of its weaknesses, urges or longings. The soul through its lifetimes of experiences chooses the form or matter (for its next life) that in which it envelops itself. The matter chosen is of such nature that it allows the soul to work out its urges, desires, longings and liberate out of it. Because of the past experiences, matter has inertia or is tamasic, so it still has an inclination towards those habits or tendencies. By going through purification, the soul begins to exercise control over its bodies. Like an expert driver exercises control over a speeding car, the soul is able to regulate and navigate or direct its vehicles.

The purified matter of our bodies becomes fertile soil that has been rid of weeds of the past, for fresh seeds of a promising future to be planted.

The purified bodies are also then symbolic of Virgo, the virgin mother nature which bears the nascent soul and slowly releases it to spiritual maturity.

The Hindu festival of Ganesha Chaturthi celebrated around September when our Sun is in the constellation of Virgo also needs to be viewed in this context. The festival is a celebration of the virgin born son of Parvati (Ganesha was created by Parvati without Shiva’s aid) and his spiritual transformation from a boy to a man. Young Ganesha (without the elephant head) is the incarnated soul that is shielded, nurtured and prepared by the virgin mother or matter to be eventually set face to face to confront Shiva (symbolic of the Higher Soul). Parvati taking a bath is synonymous with purification allowing young Ganesha, the incarnated self to step out of the house or leave the body and face Shiva. This confrontation results in the spiritual initiation of Ganesha. Ganesha is now no more ordinary but has a powerful illumined brain, enhanced sensitivity and intuitive faculty (buddhi) symbolized by the elephant head with the ability to perceive the invisible and not so obvious Shiva nature. He becomes the eternal problem solver or obstacle remover because he has the ability and faculty to discern the root cause of an issue where an ordinary human falters.

The story applies to all of us and somewhere scripts the transformation undergone by the human soul through its involution into matter initially enslaved by the lower nature, made virgin by purification and its eventual rise to glory.


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